808 #16 V2 MANUAL PDF

The Instruction Manual is Integrated into the Software. Latest Firmware Version V (as a general rule of thumb, if your Mobius is currently working, it is.

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During the delay period, the camera can be: PRO – Wider angle of view, about 78 degrees. What is the shortest video record time the highest video data rateif external USB power is used? To search this forum you must sign-up at RCGroups free.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #16

This starts the discussion about the The video-out shortens the recording time by about 10 minutes. JPG, so there might be a limit of photos. In either case the was locked up and not recording”. With some batteries the green LED may not turn off immediately or may even take up to 4. Does not have 4 LED holes in the case. By Bobflyman in Devon UK. The yellow LED will flash each time a picture is taken. The camera requires a standard USB cable for charging, connecting to external battery packs for continuous recording and for connecting to the PC as an external disk or webcam.

The first manusl of audio plays at 1X speed. It will play at 30 FPS in 1 minute.

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How to Use #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki – Oscar Liang

Since all the parameters can be set programmatically using parameters, it is not necessary to load different firmware versions for different configurations. Motion detection Motion detection was introduced in v0. The audio plays at the correct speed.

In addition, The contents are masterwork. Note that the system requires about 2 seconds after power-on until the buttons become active.

You may also turn on the camera before connecting to the PC. When a fix id released it will be added.

How to Use 808 #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki

BIN to the card. See the first 4 postings there. My comment – To avoid problems, the USB cable must have good power and ground conductors and the 5V source must be regulated. Firmware Update Normally, there is no need to update the firmware. July saw the release of V2, a new Hardware design which includes a video-out TV composite video signal.

All firmware versions from v0. The configuration utility is optional, but it makes setting the 16 configuration file easy. You should only update the firmware if you are having problems with the current firmware or the new firmware provides functionality you require that are not available in your current version.

If the camera is recording, the recording should first be stopped see below. These times are empirical and approximate. The camera will revert back to normal Motion Detect mode when normal video is stopped with Shutter Button.


Yellow LED constantly slowly flashes 1 sec. This utility has been specifically designed for formatting SD cards. Mechanical shock or bending the flat cable might damage it. Charging is limited to around mA which offers the best possible long-term battery protection. Yellow LED slowly flashes 15 times and then the camera turns off: It will have video frames. There is no micro SD card 8808, the card is not properly inserted, the card is full or the card is defective.

The bad cable was unshielded. What could cause unreliable auto-record while using external USB power?

It can mean diagonal, horizontal or vertical. The power supply may be mains driven normal household wall plugor run off batteries, manula the car charger USB plug optional accessory and cable supplied with the camera. Please find more details in the PDF manual. The 16 V2 is now available with lens D, a degree lens. A new A, B or D camera module might fix it. Class 4 chards have usually been OK.