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I have been wanting this boor for years. I often played football on Sundays.

The factory closed down inI had worked there for twenty years. Tom is nyslvtan to leave. I had started doing karate before I went to university. Bob will have written the essay by six.

Bob nem volt a buszon. I read the newspaper.

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They were in Lexikno last year. Where will you be sleeping while they are painting your room? They went on an excursion every weekend. Had she been cooking by then? Is she running now? No problem, then I will pay. He is wearing trowsers.

Hol van a telefon? Have you ever tried it? Will you be waiting for her too when she finishes work? I broke my arm yesterday.

Download FREE • A-Z angol nyelvtan – lexikon • Full version • Скачать бесплатно

A policeman has been shot. Angoll will he be driving in such weather? I am learning English a z angol nyelvtan lexikon. We had a lot of books. The ministry is to introduce a new tax. Have they ever arrived on time? He was repairing the gate. I whitewashed the kitchen yesterday. Bob worked here 3 years ago.

A-Z angol nyelvtan – lexikon

I have been working on this for two weeks. Will you water the flowers? We go to concerts. Bob was waiting in the park while his girlfriend was writing the test. Does the dog like milk? I have learned English for a year. What were you doing then?


I am a student. Susan goes in after you. Have they ever arrived on time?

Statistics per Wikibook

I will buy bread. Tom wrote the letters. Does John run every day? When her plane lands in London, we will only be travelling towards London. Since when have you learned English? Fut John minden nap?

A hospital in Leeds is to be closed down.