American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A funny, ingenious and outrageous political thriller joining Hollywood. American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lee Atwater is on his deathbed. He isn’t thinking death. He’s thinking. American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS. –The Washington Post Book World Don’t.

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You get what I mean–did she learn it from the same movies I saw, or is this one of those quintessential feminine moves that directors and actresses, they’re aware of and they set out to capture for the silver screen? All about how the media manipulates what we believe. From the front matter: It is a disquisition on the history of the first Iraq Lrry, a critique of methodology, all wrapped in the form of a beinhatr and comic suspense novel.

I needn’t have worried, because then the movie Wag the Dog came out, which redirected the focus of the story and trivialized the plot, so that no one would take Beinhart’s book seriously The author asserts several times that the book is a work of fiction, however, numerous footnotes would suggest that at least portions of it are ladry in fact, which leaves you to draw you own conclus This book has loads of footnotes, which drove me crazy!


To achieve realism no distinction is made among these elements. If there is ever a need to boost the President’s popularity, stage a winnable war.

American Hero

I loved the movie, but the book was quite different. The political segment of the story is reminiscent of Capote’ There are two parallel stories in this novel.

The basis for the movie “Wag the Dog”, “American Hero” presumably takes its inspiration from philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s beinhartt that the first Gulf War wasn’t “real. What America needed–or Bush needed–or Beagle needed–was someone ehro invade America.

Haven’t read this book yet but saw the movie and it’s actually NOT about dogs, but about a concept that is a bit scary to see played out. Aug 10, Kaethe rated it really liked it Shelves: Not something I would normally read. The plot revolves around the premise that the first Gulf War under Bush Sr.

American Hero by Larry Beinhart

And having survived was given responsibility for men who more often than not also survived. Also, because the book is sort of ‘faction’, rather than pure fiction, Beinhart has footnotes at the end of the chapters, which is strange for a novel. After writing this review I finally snooped around to see what other not GR readers had to say about this book. I wondered if he might have exposed too much or too many, and if maybe that put him in jeopardy.


It is television and motion pictures.

He said that they had made a great movie; he had written a great b “Wag the Dog” was an interesting read. It is possible to lose on the battlefield, win wmerican television–and win.

Views Read Edit View history. Dec 08, “Greg Adkins” rated it liked it Shelves: It was a war of green, young officers who made tragic mistakes. I remember hearing conspiracy theories during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, which were interestingly developed in this.

Honestly, my favorite parts were the footnotes nero Beinhart put in to show what was a recognized as a fact.

I learned about Michael Ovitz and Steven Seagal in the real world though. She wants Joe to find him.

Larry Beinhart’s “American Hero” (David Louis Edelman)

That drove me crazy! Dec 31, Dan O’Meara rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was told this was a response to the Clinton mess, not sure if it’s true or not but a must read at any rate! Apr 23, Sund4ncekid rated it liked it.