cfdocument will take your combination of CFML and HTML and convert it to a PDF. cfdocument format=”PDF”> Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sirloin. See for details. ColdFusion 9 supports OpenOffice, which uses the cfdocument tag to convert a Word document .doc format) to PDF. Had to create the document using CFDOCUMENT, then add a “Title” Create the PDF > cfdocument format=”pdf” marginbottom=”.5″.

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Specifies the submitted format of a PDF form. At its simplest, you can stick some text between the opening and closing tags of cfdocument there is currently no built-in cfdocument script equivalent and it will render cfdkcument PDF to the screen.

Using cfdocument

If you find that your application must use a lot of cfdocumenthere are some tips for improving performance and rendering. Specifies whether the background prints when the user prints the document: Bottom margin in inches default or centimeters.

Specifying a font for a block of text is simple. If you omit the filename attribute, ColdFusion MX streams output to the browser.

However, cfdocument cfdcoument only supports HTML 4. When you use cfdocument to convert a document file, the tag first checks for an OpenOffice installation. Also without the parent div tag to control how layout elements scale, changing the dimension of one absolutely positioned div within the PDF can easily alter the position or size of other divs, which can be very frustrating if you have 20 or 30 elements cfdociment all need to be precisely positioned.


Document Handling

You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. Document Handling cfdocument By Tim Cunningham. The following example converts a document, MyDocument. OpenOffice stores data in an international open standard format. LocalUrl is set to true to easily pull in a logo image from the local file system.

Specifies whether ColdFusion overwrites an existing file. If you omit the filename attribute, ColdFusion displays the output in the formta. Thanks to faxi05 for the suggestion. To deal with this, you can use cfdocumentsectionwhich puts your HTML content into separate blocks, each of which can have their own settings for margins, headers, and footers defined in a cfdocumentitem nested in that cfdocumentsection. For a full list of deprecated features, fromat to Deprecated features.

cfdocument | Learn CF in a Week

Custom height and width. Embed fonts – false: Sometimes you may want to create a PDF that does not have the same header and footer for every single page like a title pageor you may crdocument few pages that need different margins. Specify a number less than If you do not specify the filename attribute, the converted PDF opens in a browser.

Integrating Office applications with ColdFusion Using cfdocument Contents [ Hide ] Working with documents using OpenOffice Working with PowerPoint presentation files In addition to the existing functionality, the cfdocument tag lets you read, write, and process Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Also, in some applications, the browser displays a Red X image error instead of the image in the browser. Specifies the default unit inches or centimeters for pageheight, pagewidth, and margin attributes.


It would be optimal if anything you produce in a browser will look exactly the same in the cfdocument generated PDF.

If you are not using cfdocumentsection covered nextthen where you place the cfdocumentitem in your HTML will make a difference as to how it affects the entire document. All fformat of Microsoft office applications from 97 to are supported. OpenOffice is an open-source office software that supports word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

For myself, I found it easier simply to measure placement from the edge of the page.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate:. It can formar one of the following values: Of course, the above approach for Lucee 4. Separate multiple permissions with a comma. Used to identify the request client software. It can be one of the following values:. Specifies whether bookmarks are created in the document: The permissions are defined in “permissions” attribute.