Chanakya was born in ancient India, BC. His birth place is a subject of controversy. Some believes he was born in Taxila and some says he was born in . This essay is based on inputs from Kautilya, the Arthashashtra by Shri L N Rangarajan and The History & Culture of Indian People published by the Bhartiya. 5 Oct Chanakya Biography – Chanakya was born in the Canaka village of the Golla region, to Brahmin named Canin and his wife Canesvar.

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Chanakya, married a Brahmin woman, who was often ridiculed for marrying a poor man.

chanwkya Chanakya is regarded as a great thinker and diplomat in India. Having achieved his revenge, he then retired to the forest as an ascetic. They managed to evade capture and one day, under disguise, while wandering the city, they overheard a mother scold her child for eating his cake from the center and wasting the edges. Chandragupta pretended to dismiss Chanakya, and declared that Rakshasa would make a better minister. All his kids die of starvation since food for only man was served everyday.

Chanakya Life Story | Who is Chanakya and Why He is So Famous

The woman told her son that by not starting from the cooler edges, he was being foolish like Chanakya, who attacked the capital before conquering the bordering regions.


Wearing the jewels given by Rakshasa, he pretended to be an agent of Rakshasa. The king ordered his arrest, but he escaped to Shakatala’s house. The “robbers” were brought before Chandragupta, who ilfe their limbs to be cut off, but then miraculously re-attached them.

Beginning his career as a teacher, he went on to become a trusted ally of Emperor Chandragupta. Meanwhile, the fake king appointed Vararuchi as his minister. Chandragupta was a young boy about years old.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Mudrarakshasaa Sanskrit play by Vishakhadatta. Chanakya started mixing small doses of poison in the new king’s food to make him immune to poisoning attempts by the enemies. Sttory condemned foreign rule.

The Incredible Story Of Chanakya’s Revenge Which Brought Down An Entire Empire

He executed his five allies in a brutal manner. Using this signet ring, Chanakya sent a letter to Malayaketu warning him that his allies were treacherous. The Acharya blamed people for not being charitable towards monks, so Chanakya started giving generous alms to the monks. The initial territory controlled by Chandragupta that extended all across Northern India from the Indus River in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the East was further expanded as the Mauryan Empire gained control of the Punjab.

Malayaketu then decided to invade Pataliputra without Rakshasa by his side. According to this account, Chanakya was afraid that the wise Subandhu would surpass him at Chandragupta’s court. Finally, they captured Pataliputra and Chandragupta became the king. Chanakya had this girl assassinate Parvata instead, with the blame going to Rakshasa.


Chanakya – Wikipedia

After seeing this, Chandragupta appointed the Jain monks as his spiritual counsellors. Lfie cut open the dead queen’s belly and took out the baby.

Chankaya later became the Professor of Taxila University. On knowing the whole story, he felt. Dwijendralaler Chandragupta [ Chandragupta by Dwindralal ] in Bengali 4th ed.

Chanakya Biography

Two young Jain monks started eating from the king’s plate, after making themselves invisible with a magic ointment. Chanakya ordered a fisherman to find the place where Dhana Nanda had hidden his treasure.

Chanakya decided to prove to him that these men were not worthy of his patronage. He formed an alliance with Parvataka, the king of a mountain kingdom called Himavatkuta, offering him half of Nanda’s kingdom.

Retrieved from ” https: Intelligent and ruthless, Chanakya played a pivotal role in helping Chandragupta turn the Mauryan Empire into one of the most powerful empires of that time. A grown up Chanakya went to attend an alms-giving ceremony held cyanakya King Dhanananda at Pushpapura.