ChinesePod Courses and Playlists. HSK Level 1 Vocabulary 41 lessons. If you like this blog post please check out “ Why Pinyin Just Isn’t Enough” and. $29/ month. Access to our complete lesson library, Access to Our Free Lesson.

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Treat elders with respect: For example, fresh seafood is treated very delicately. ChinesePod was previously based on a ‘ freemium ‘ business model similar to English as a Second Language Podcast ; in it became necessary to purchase a package in order to access the lesson material.

ChinesePod Official Blog – Culture, Language, and Fun

To make use of this software, simply download and install it, and then set up your wallet. Also, very unlike overseas versions and some regional styles, Cantonese tends to be much lower calorie. Simply scan the QR code shown on your chknesepod bike, hop on, and then enjoy an exciting riding activity — at a fee of course. It makes for fine well balanced meals. They do not freeze or dry well and are thus generally where available purchased fresh in strips or sheets that may be cut to the desired width.

This is ONLY great for listening skills. I recommend it to everyone learning Chinese!

Send your feedback using this channel so that we can fix the bugs ASAP. Du Chinese chiensepod Mandarin Reading. Lots of steamed food of a shocking variety that is prepared in such a way that other flavors do not overpower its natural flavors.


There are not a lot of calories in the dishes. There are actually 8 very different types of Chinese foods, and they are as different from each other as Cajun cooking is from Californian nouvelle cuisine. Connie Cheng appeared with various co-hosts in all lessons of the “Qingwen” series until late Surprisingly not widely known in China, Zhou Youguang, otherwise known as the Father of Pinyinchinesepodd the brains behind the creation of Chinese Pinyin and the standardization of Mandarin Chinese.

It has an outstanding set of translation tools such as Screen Reader, which helps you translate text in any program that is launched on your smartphone.


In every nook and cranny of Chinese cities, you will find these radiant orange bikes containing QR codes displayed on their handlebars, and Mobike is all you need to rent one of the bikes. He began to work on the creation of the new romanization system that would become the new standard Chinese Pinyin.

With the software, you can connect with friends, chat with your gaffer as emails are not allowed alsoseal business deals, and do a lot more. This program has some similarities with WeChatits major rival. What Exactly is Chinese Pinyin? Cantonese food tends to be sweeter, and the braising and stewing, accentuated by mild and often subtle sauces.

This list will not be complete chibesepod mentioning Alipay wallet. In this update we have a few bug fixes for all you lovely Podcats: When entering the house you should.

ChinesePod is a Mandarin Chinese learning platform that provides video and audio lessons, mobile study chineseood and exercise, as well as individual online tutoring lessons, which are designed for learners of every level.

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From this, Zhou Enlai enlisted Zhou Chinesepld, somebody who had always shown great interest and ability in languages and linguistics, as the person who would take on this mammoth task.

Customs When Visiting a Chinese Family Devetra Cason October 4, In order to get the most out of visiting a Chinese family, the first thing you want to do is bring a digital translator. Use their title instead. If PDA is the norm in your home country, you should note that such practice is frowned at in China. Premium Membership — Length: You should then have a valuable inter-cultural encounter, providing a deeper insight into Chinese vhinesepod and local life.

Stout sauces like hoisin, oyster, plum, sweet and sour, and of course soy sauce are offered at the table or upon request.

Select a lesson, plug in your headphones, and start studying — on the train, while doing the laundry, when at the gym, wherever! Each podcast comes with new vocabulary and the sounds that actual locals say.

Easy Chinese Language Courses Online

It describes the sounds of Chinese characters using the Latin Alphabet, and also includes a tone marker one chiesepod four making characters easy to read and learn.

The world is now your classroom. In China, Facebook and Twitter are banned, along with a host of other apps and domain names.