Principles of Esoteric Healing. Front Cover. Dion Fortune. Sun Chalice Books, Sep 1, – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Title, Principles of Esoteric Healing. Author, Dion Fortune. Editor, Gareth Knight. Contributor, Gareth Knight. Edition, 2, illustrated. Publisher, Thoth Publications. Principles of Esoteric Healing by Dion Fortune, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Originated in a series of articles in various journals of the s that reflected her trenchant no-nonsense approach to many pseudo-occult pretensions. I was prepared to accept all this as a necessary cleansing period prior to building up the structure of the lodge again. Tolkien and the anthroposophist Owen Barfield. Books go in and out of print, and editions come and go with rapidity. Her intentions are summed up in her own words as “an attempt to gather together the fragments of a forgotten wisdom and explain and expand them in the principlex of personal observation.

She was not an advocate of working directly upon the side Sephiroth, at any rate in her public works.

Even the Inner Light Magazine had to fold for lack of paper in May but Dion Fortune still kept writing away in open letters for students and associates, first on a weekly basis until and then, rather more expansively, every month. Gareth Knight] These two titles are the last known works written by Dion Fortune distributed in her Monthly Letters to members and associates of her Fraternity between November and March His sister Ursula has been caught up with a young occultist who has left her magically bonded to him and desperately unhappy and he has a mind to train Murchison to take part in a rite to free Ursula from this evil influence.

To appreciate some of the thinking behind the experiment we princilpes to cast our minds back to the general atmosphere of secrecy that was very much a part of the Western Esoteric Tradition in those days.

Plenty of revelations prijciples her take on the practices of the Left-hand Path, risks of ceremonial magic, the pathology of non-human contacts, the nature of hauntings and the reality behind ancient legends of the vampire, as well as elusive psychic elements in mental illness, including methods, motives and physical aspects of psychic attack and defence. This regrettably did not last much beyond but it is an interesting synchronicity that in the immediate post-war years a very bright young medical student was generally regarded as likely to be her eventual successor as Warden in the years to come.

However, in metaphysical and personal terms it is also a very potent force jealing and one that is not easy to deal with, by virtue of two millennia of historical presence in the west with many misapplications and distortions of it upon the way, by those who have sought to bend its power to their own institutional devices or dogmatic preferences.

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Cammell, then editor of Lightwas given the highly unusual privilege of being invited to the headquarters of the Society to attend trances at which Dion Fortune was the medium. There are healng in all, and you can follow the Church year with them or just dip in and find the one that resonates with you at that time, for their themes are Universal. Murchison then finds himself spontaneously beginning an invocation to Pan. He has also added a short introduction or commentary to each chapter.

Home Tor Meditation Articles. In the course of these she gave out a diin of practical information that otherwise might have been withheld.

Dion Fortune’s works We’ve listed the written works of Dion Fortune in the order that they were written, often as articles in her magazine or for private circulation, although some had to wait some years before appearing as published books.

The title for the latest American edition is prefixed with the name of the town so that no-one need be in any doubt as to where Avalon edoteric in Dion Fortune’s psychogeography. Two books in one. An early thunderclap and pyrotechnic display was to be witnessed at the foundation of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society in Gareth Knight] Another collection of Dion Fortune articles from the s, all on the subject of ritual, with companion articles esotefic Gareth Knight.

You can read the introduction online on the Kindle edition for free on Amazon. Firth] The Soya Bean [as V. In both books there are additional helpful commentaries by Gareth Knight. It is not a workbook but provides much principless useful information as to how magic works.

Principles Of Esoteric Healing by Fortune, Dion

The Psychology of the Servant Problem [as V. The answer to healiny question was simple. She would have gone on writing in much the same way that she always had – by a balanced exposition of the three fold way.

Contrary to popular fiction and film that sees occultism in terms of cops and robbers there is a very much more weighty and metaphysical side to it, which because of its abstruse nature, tends not to attract the public eye.

Whether they were altogether successful in this respect is a matter for informed debate, part of which she initiated in a series of articles in the Inner Light Magazine. After literally enchanting him, she engages him in the construction of a magical temple upon a spit of land that juts out into the Atlantic where they undertake a series of magical workings under the direction of an inner plane presence known as the Priest of the Moon. Thus those not capable of appreciating the three-fold nature of the Mysteries, as expressed by Dion Fortune, will ever be lumbered with somewhat dim and distorting spectacles, only able to register the limited wavelengths to which they happen to be focused.


How well I succeeded over the subsequent years is part of another story. Knight continues to be active in the occult community both through his writing and his involvement in the Society of the Inner Light.

Principles of Esoteric Healing

This new edition includes an index. Ted Murchison, a former army officer in WW1, has drifted aimlessly since being demobbed and wanders into the British Museum rather than go home to his dreary clergyman brother and his wife.

Through the Gates of Death A little book aimed not so much at the esoteric student as at the general public, hea,ing the recently bereaved, as a means of how best to cope with their situation, and the containment of grief without falling into some of the pitfalls don can beset those desperately seeking for evidence of survival of the recently departed.

In the end they find happiness in a lasting relationship in which he represents the role of sun hero to her earth maiden.

Undeterred, she kept in touch with all her students and associates with a series of weekly letters that formed the nucleus of a widespread meditation group from October to October A complete list of the works of Gareth Knight, including Skylight Press reissues and new editions after Gareth Knight] A little book produced for the general reader on some of the basic tenets of occultism and how they may be applied in daily life, from control of the environment, through remembering past incarnations and working out karma to divination, the use and abuse of mind power, etheric magnetism and the problem of the sexually unpolarised.

How initiates prepare body, mind and spirit for the challenging journey that is the esoteric path, what the path of initiation looks like and what it is like to be called to this work. An attendant commentary by Gareth Knight, following each chapter, amplifies her explanations and practical exercises with a series of full page illustrations, an option not open to her when she first wrote up these works for her students. The Editor of Light was not the only outsider to be allowed into the inner recesses of the Society however, for there are scripts surviving of medical doctors being invited in for trance interviews with one known as the Master of Medicine through the mediumship of Dion Fortune.

The group as a whole took a new turn as a consequence of all this. Sometimes one strand came to the fore, at other times others, which occasioned the remark by one independent reviewer that she represented a case of “Anglicanism gone polytheistic.