Fulltext – Functional Properties of Bitter Yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) as Influenced by Soaking Prior to Oven-drying. The plant is often purposely grown at spare points on the land as an insurance against famine years, and is also encouraged in hedgerows around a farm and. Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION A climbing vine with robust, spiny stems reaching up to m in length. The leaves are trifoliate with ovate leaflets, cm long.

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Y 30 W 70 noodle had higher fibre content than the Y 0 W noodles i. Destruction of diseased plantings is recommended and planting material should never be taken from affected areas.

A dictionary of the economic pro ducts of the Malay peninsula, Vol. It stabilizes starches against effects such as seneresis, which sometimes occurs during retorting and freezing [ 32 – dumetodum ]. Root Crops 2nd edition NRI,p. World Anthropology Harlan, J. Significant difference is indicated by different letters within the same rom. Modificaciones qucas durante la conservacie ras y tubulos. Economic Botany, 26, Four parts were respectively soaked in clean water for 6, 12, 18 and 24 h and dumteorum.

Potentials of Trifoliate Yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) in Noodles Production | OMICS International

Winged seeds are produced freely from the trilocular capsules which are cm long: The flowers are small though larger than those of many cultivated yamsabout 3 mm long, closely appressed to the pedicel in long axillary or terminal racemes.

Pests and diseases The yam nematode, Scutellonema bradys, and the root knot nematode, Meloidogyne sp.

Coloured cultivars have been utilised as a colouring and flavouring agent for ice cream. Variation in the Swelling power can be traced to differences in their associative forces. Botanical name Dioscorea bulbifera L. The difference could be attributed to differences in granule sizes and their arrangement within their cells. The moisture content ranged between 9.

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However, these yams have some popularity because of the convenient size of the bulbils for kitchen use. These yields are gross, and because a substantial quantity is used for propagation, net yields are generally about 2. Virtually all noodle samples were accepted, diocorea no outright rejection was observed for any of the sensory parameters.

Origin and distribution D.

Dioscorea dumetorum

Abstract Processing method influences the functional compositions and utilization of foods. Subsequently, it was spread through Thailand and Vietnam into the Pacific region, westwards and southwards to India and Malaysia and thence apparently to Madagascar and East Africa, later to be taken by the Portuguese and Spaniards to West Africa, northern South America and the Caribbean; in the eastern Caribbean and in the Pacific it is the most popular species of yam.

Le Dioscorea esculenta Burkill, en Cd’Ivoire. A third is to salt the pieces of tuber and then press under water until no whitish sap remains.

Recent work suggests that with close planting other species may also give satisfactory yields without support. Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad, 42, The tube was then removed, wiped dry on the outside and cooled to room temperature.

The water uptake was determined by the ratio of the weight of cooked noodle to the weight of noodle before cooking Equation 5. Anthracnose of water yams in Nigeria. The sediment paste was weighed and swelling capacity was calculated as the weight of sediment paste per gram of noodle used Equation 3. Philippine Journal of Plant Industry, 35 1 -2 Primary product Tubers-which have white or pale-yellow, starchy, highly toxic flesh.

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Bitter yam Dioscorea dumetorum belongs to the genus Dioscorea and family Dioscoreacae Bai and Ekanayake, Studies on white yam Dioscorea rotundata.

It is important to keep the crop weed-free for the first 3 months. Current Advances in Plant Science, 15 9 dumetorm, The results were in disagreement with Wang et al.

Thus, this research work aimed at reducing food insecurity bane by promoting the utilization of trifoliate yam through substituting its flour in the noodle formulation. Cultivation conditions Rainfall-for optimum yields rainfall of cm evenly distributed over months is required, though it will perform moderately well on cm. Mealy bugs Planococcus citri and Phenacoccus gossypii can kill individual stems or the whole plant: Rico ; me amarillo Sp.

Origin and distribution Eioscorea Africa appears to be the centre of origin, with initial domestication from the Ivory Coast to Cameroon, and in this African ‘yam belt’ these are the most important of all the yams.

Any excess potassium permanganate is removed by diosorea the starch milk with sulphur dioxide. A food for all seasons. Colour characteristics of raw sheet and optimally cooked noodles prepared from different levels of trifoliate yam flour substituted with wheat flour are shown in Table 5.

Under normal farming conditions, however, yields are considerably lower, the normal range for yams in pure stands being: Other names Ambi N.