Posts about disproving christianity written by davidgmcafee. 57 quotes from David G. McAfee: ‘If there is a Creator-God, it has used methods of creation that are indistinguishable from nature, it has declined to make itself. He has authored numerous secular books including “Disproving Christianity”, ” Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming out as a.

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Author of the Month. For any other believers who wish chirstianity do the same, please send an e-mail to DisprovingChristianityPDF gmail. It had absolutely nothing to do with his book.

Armin Navabi Narrated by: David has assembled a huge stockpile of Biblical logical fallacies and contradictions. In America, not only do Christians make up the vast majority of our citizenship, but rates for elected officials are even higher.

The damning indictments the author presented against the morality of the Christian god, which I venture to remark in my observation as positively incontrovertible, makes this book a must read for all truth seekers. Lots of bang for the buck. Our primary concern is to promote the gracious, rational defense of the central claims of Christianity and the critique of opposing systems of thought.

After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: A theist argues that this earth is too complex, too intricate, to have come from anything but an omnipotent Creator. If you have persistent vendettas and an obnoxious need for a platform, fine. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. At very least, you might encourage a few believers to think and research their faith… and researching is never mcfaee bad thing!


Regardless of your action or inaction on this matter, I hope to hear your thoughts on this important and controversial issue.

disproving christianity | The Skeptical Writings of David G. McAfee

This is the book that pastors, educators, and anyone interested in the Bible have been waiting for, a clear and compelling account of the central challenges we face when attempting to reconstruct the life and message of Jesus. Mcafee to talk about his history, his books, and his philosophy: It makes even less sense for me to believe in a God who intervines in our lives.

Please request a preview copy of this book here: This site uses cookies. Using simple, straightforward logic, this audiobook rebuts every argument that claims to “prove” God’s existence. The Skeptical Writings of David G. McAfee has been a regular contributor for American Atheist Magazine and a columnist for Canadian Freethinker Magazine, in addition to maintaining his own website featuring secular literature.

Seth Andrews Narrated by: What did you like best about this story? Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings. They are also forgetting about deadly natural disasters, diseases, harsh seasons, cancer-causing sun rays, etc. He represents some popular biblical inaccuracies along with a few other not so popular. Very easy to understand what he was saying. Return to Book Page.

A Must Read!!!!

Aron Ra Narrated by: The Interview With Alom Shaha. Get a copy of David’s book here. The jealous and angry God that justified the killings of millions, sent plagues upon first borns, and abhorred homosexuals would not be worthy of my worship. Each organization has similar cult beginnings and “prophets. Someday this can be a school book for all children 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Something to whet the appetite I hope: Those four reasons are God’s silence, God’s inaction, the lack of evidence, and the way the universe looks exactly like a godless universe would, and not at all like a Christian universe would, even down to its very structure.


Using almost exclusively evidence and passages from the Christian Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, McAfee is able to establish new arguments against the validity of the Christian religion as well as reorganize and reevaluate some of the more traditional debates. Tagged American atheist Magazinebook excerptdavid g.

Instead, we should find ways to make this life happy and satisfying, without regard to the unknowable nature of an afterlife. Richard Dawkins — The God Delusion. But do christainity stroke both under the false guise of scholarly review and intellectual discussion, you transparent little man. Tagged copiesAtheist book in hotelbibleBible in hotelcampaigndavid g.

His anti-theistic fundamentalism seems to cloud any ability at what may otherwise dispeoving quite a rational mind — though this is merely conjecture since I have never read any other of his works.

Why not just live your life and let those who pray to god live theirs?