Cambridge Core – Philosophy of Science – Ecology, Community and Lifestyle – by Arne Naess. Outline of an Ecosophy. Ecology, Community and Lifestyle. Ecology, community and lifestyle: Outline of an ecosophy. by Arne Naess, translated and revised by David Rothenberg, Cambridge University Press, Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy | The basic thesis of the work is that environmental problems are.

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Ecology, Community, and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle is a revised andd expanded translation of Naess’ book Okologi, Samfunn og Livsstil, which sets out the author’s thinking on the relevance of philosophy to the problems of environmental degradation and the rethinking of the relationship between mankind and nature.

Sign in Create an account. In terms of vocabulary and organization, this book is beyond unapproachable, even though the subject matter is fascinating. The Ethics Challenge in Public Service: Despite a general distaste for “deep ecology” and its associated superstitions, I found myself very much appreciating Naess’ take on deep ecology and holding great respect for this ecologg attempt to construct a worldview that is informed by the basic principles of ecology “all things hang together”an attempt that involves challenging how we think about science, about our world, about anc, about epistemology, about metaphysics, abo Arne Naess’ Ecology, Community and Lifestyle is a nice book.

Account Options Sign in. He creates an atmosphere in which you feel that you are sitting before a fire perhaps and listening to this kindly old man, experienced in the ways of the world, telling you what his experience ecologh taught him. History of Western Philosophy.

Request removal from index. Simen rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Pilosopong Tasyo rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Thus people require not only an ethical system, but a way of conceiving the world and themselves such that the intrinsic value of life and nature is obvious, a system based on ‘deep ecological principles’. Buddha gave his lectures on the most central question; not to kill any living, including the grass, tress, the sea, and the mountains. Motivation for furthered green political engagement with real political action in sight is easily found between these covers.

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Bonnsvett rated it really liked it Dec 03, Naess’s ecosophy is nuanced and carefully thought out.

Analogical Thinking in Ecology: Naess’s contributions have been honored by many awards, including Norway’s St. Popular passages Page 11 – Outlline all God’s creation, the whole and every grain of sand in it.

But I have to say that it is a heavy book to read, I had a lot of trouble to follow in many parts.

The greatest environmentalist of all time Emily rated it it was ok Oct 20, Thus perceiving our world anew, we may right our relationship with the earth and enjoy it in a deeper and healthier way. An interesting read, functioning as both an eyeopener with regards to the value of value-judgments and normative systems in political discourse, and as an effective reminder of the intrinsic value of all living beings, and, indeed, life itself.

Outline of an Ecosophy. Thus people require not only an ethical system, but a way of conceiving the world and themselves The environmental crisis and the deep ecological movement. It is just common sense to me. Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Deep ecology is especially vulnerable to charges of sloppiness and sentimentality, but Naess at least, who was trained by the logical positivists, exerts a restraining influence on these tendencies, though he does not entirely escape the charges.

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LewisStuart C. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things.

I understood that on my own, many years ago, but I still struggle to understand why it is so difficult to und I agree with many of the things that the author says. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want ecopogy read. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. He was the youngest person to ever be promoted to professor at Oslo University 27a position he inhabited from to Nor is he misanthropic; he sees great value in human life lived ecosophically, and remains fundamentally optimistic about our potential as a species privileged with rationality and a rich ecosphere.

I forced my an eyelids open until page 60 or so, and then gave up.

Arne Næss, Ecology, Community, and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy – PhilPapers

Other editions – View all Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Love every leaf, every ray of light. Cambridge University PressOct 26, – Nature – pages. He was founder and editor of the journal Inquiry, and has lectured in many countries.

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Thoroughly updated by the author, this revised and expanded translation of Naess’ Okologi, Samfunn og Llivsstil conveys his thoughts on the relevance of philosophy to the problems of environmental degradation.

Deep ecology based upon the view of Gandhi but most of all Mahayana Buddhism, who Buddha shared his wisdom about years ago. Andrea rated it it was amazing Jan 08,