FM 3-22.68 PDF

This FM or chapter supersedes FM , which describes the M MG in the automatic rifle role. This chapter also describes the weapon and the types of. No. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. Washington, DC, 31 January . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February FM CREW-SERVED MACHINE GUNS, MM AND MM; M, MM MACHINE GUN; M60, MM MACHINE GUN; MB, MM.

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CLP is the only lubricant to use on the M machine gun.

When the trigger is released and the sear again engages the sear notch, the cycle of functioning is stopped and the weapon is cocked. Care, Handling, and Preservation.


Replace the heat shield by placing the hook end of the heat shield under the front 3-22.8 post and press down until the clamps lock on the barrel. Table shows malfunctions, their probable causes, and the corrective actions. It consists of a tripod head, one front leg and two rear legs, and traversing bar.

This is the NATO standard round. Ensure that the locking lever of the pintle is facing forward toward the front leg Figure The gunner must always assume the M machine gun is loaded.

322.68 bipod group is used to fire from the prone position.

FM 3-22.68 Crew Served Machine Guns, 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm

If more or less are showing, the gunner turns in the weapon for maintenance. The cover latch should work properly. The buffer spring should not have breaks. To load the M, the weapon must be cleared as described. Therefore, two clicks on the windage knob in either direction moves the strike of the round left or right 1 cm, and two turns on the peep sight moves the strike of the round up or down 1 cm.


fn See Tablefor general data. This mount also adapts to other vehicles Figure Moves the safety to the fire “F” position by pushing it to the left until the red ring is visible. The operating rod group Figureoperating rod spring, slide assembly, piston assembly, and bolt assembly consists of the spring guide rod. Raise the feed cover and perform the five-point safety check.

Ensures rearward pressure is kept on the cocking handle until the buffer is removed. The second, minor reading is from the handwheel.

The cover assembly should remain open without support. It also discusses the different types of ammunition that is fired from the M machine gun. Range changes are made on the M machine gun sight by rotating the elevation knob to the desired range setting.

FM Table of Contents

Feeds linked belt ammunition, and positions and holds cartridges in position for stripping, feeding, and chambering. The gunner performs preventive maintenance checks and services PMCS every 90 days.

Ammunition removed from the airtight containers, particularly in damp climates, may corrode. Primarily, ammunition is fed into the weapon from a round ammunition box containing a disintegrating metallic split-link belt. If the M machine gun is contaminated by chemical, biological, or radiological agents, the appropriate action must be taken to reduce exposure and penetration. Use the thumb of the other hand to push in and upward on the rear of the operating rod assembly.


It is checked for linkage and tension on the buffer rod. The elevating handwheel has a mil-click device built into it 1 click equals 1 mil. Stoppages are classified by their relationship to the cycle of functioning.

The rotation and movement to the rear unlocks the bolt from the barrel socket. Pull the barrel rearward and push downward; align the gas regulator with the gas cylinder and lock it by releasing the barrel locking lever. Allow the buttstock to pivot downward and place it on a surface to support the weapon for disassembly. The newest style barrel has an internal gas system, which cannot be disassembled.

This paragraph discusses the field-expedient means of this destruction; it does not replace published policies. Holds the bolt and slide assemblies and houses the return spring. On a meter target, each paster is 1 cm.


It contains 3–22.68 propellant or primer. Place a finger on the face of the bolt and push until your finger makes contact with the bridge at the end of the receiver. The blank cartridge has no projectile.