Hawkwood and the Kings is set in a parallel to our world’s late fifteenth century. I read Hawkwood and the Kings together with Century of the Soldier, which is. Light shelfwear to cover. Domestic orders shipped with USPS tracking numbers. Hawkwood and the Kings is the omnibus edition of Hawkwood’s Voyage and The Heretic Kings. The first two books in the five book series.

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The Wertzone: Wertzone Classics: Hawkwood and the Kings by Paul Kearney

View all 16 comments. Winners are announced in the comments. The series is also deeply concerned about depicting realism in warfare: We get the story of a Continent in peril being pulled to pieces by war, and conflict as well as a group of adventurers seeking a new continent.

Hawkwood and the Kings oozes and gushes my kind of book. Very confusing in the beginning.

Epic fantasy at its best!!! Since this seems to be getting more attention lately, I’ll add this: Dec 09, Breach rated it really liked it Shelves: The Republic of Fimbria also known as the Fimbrian Electorates lies between the five major kingdoms and is clearly modelled after the Roman Empire. The Monarchies of God are therefore split down the middle, between the Himerian and Macrobian churches. They retreat into winter camp and Corfe is sent south with reports for King Lofantyr.


Whores, sex slaves, women who use their lady parts to gain political advantage. Unbeknown to the Torunnans, however, the Ostrabarans have secured an alliance with the supreme Merduk sea power of Nalbeni and landed a huge haqkwood south of the dike.

Recent Discussion Comment on Breach: This book beat me up here and there.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The review is for the omnibus of the first and second hawkwoor in his Monarchies of God series and for a good reason. However, despite its loss of empire and isolationist policy Fimbria is still militarily powerful, and its adn are seen as the most powerful on the continent.

One noteworthy feature of the series is its brevity. All in all, definitely a worthy read for large-scale war fantasy.

Hawkwood and the Kings

The intolerance of the Himerian church. Paul Kearney is not a big name in fantasy but after having read The Monarchies of God series I believe he really should be. Also, there’s a lot of grimdark! In Torunna a group of nobles declare the king a heretic and launch a rebellion.

Kearney handles the politics, characters and religious material deftly and also delivers great battles, whether on land or at sea. Then we would’ve been spared boring songs and poetry about what plants Elves and Hobbits use.

A super power invading from the east, and three young Kings holding what’s left in tact. King Mark’s family obliterated by the “Flyers”, chimeras Aruan created; the “illegitimate son” of Abeleyn and Jemilla in reality Hawkwood’s son; Isolla, Marks sister and Abeleyns wife, killed childless; Aurungzeb at last killed by Heria, his son heavily influenced by her; and it being more than doubtful that Corfe “produced” an heir with Heeria and Aufungzeb’s daughter, “laying together” only in their rushed wedding night.


Speculative Book Review: REVIEW: Hawkwood and the Kings by Paul Kearney

However, Kearney is not a glorifier of violence, and it is clear that he views war in all of its forms as a very poor way of resolving disputes, which is a major theme of the series. Commoners and kinggs live the same, be their masters Ramusians, Merducs or the utopia of Aruan.

So if you’re the kind of reader who can’t stand this shit beware. View all 7 comments.

Abeleyn and his allies King Mark of Annd and Lofantyr of Torunna declare Himerius a usurper, whilst the kings of Perigraine and Almark dismiss the news of Macrobius as a forgery. Here’s the link to my Top Ten of Science is more than once described as only a way to improve warfare and “methods of killing”. Why does Goodreads have typos in the synopsis!?