Para a epiderme adaxial e abaxial, índice estomático e razão PP/LF não houve diferenças significativas em nenhuma situação estudada. Para o parênquima. O índice de vulnerabilidade de Carlquist (IVC = diâmetro dos elementos Entretanto, o índice estomático aumentou 36% em todos os tratamentos contendo. El índice estomático es mayor en la cara abaxial. La lámina foliar posee ambas epidermis glabras y uniestratificadas. Inmediatamente por debajo de esta.

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II ; Azevedo, A. Several authors suggest that the stomata of Sequoia sempervirens redwood may present morphological changes when this species grows in areas without the presence of crypto-precipitation.

Segundo Yamashita et al. ABSTRACT Pollution caused by heavy metals, mainly by cadmium Cdis generated by mining and industrial activities, and by the use of phosphated fertilizers and sewage sludge in agriculture.

The anatomical study was made by diaphanization and staining techniques of the leaf samples. Plant water relations as affected by heavy metal stress: Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”?

While there was significant variation among localities in Chile, changes in the stomatal complex were not so evident in response to the site environmental characteristics. Plant responses from cell to community. Photosynthetic activities of cadmium treated tomato plants. Photosynthetic performance of two coffe species under drought. Assessing the potential for the stomatal characters of extant and fossil Ginkgo leaves to signal atmospheric CO2 change.

Relationship between low-temperature tolerance and vernalization response in wheat and rye. Some editions of the publication ” Cultivos tropicales: The results obtained allowed to know that Pectimorf[R] causes changes in the distribution patterns and stomatal morphogenesis, which could be to favors successfully growing of bean plant in unfavorable environments.


Se demostro que Pectimorf[R] provoca un incremento en el indice estomatico IE del cultivar estudiado. The main results of this work indicate that the sequoia stomata, in the populations studied, are smaller than those from natural populations, with an average length between However, in areas with more restraining climatic conditions lower atmospheric humidity and precipitationcombined with edaphic conditions soil with greater apparent density or less depthstomata showed smaller and less dense, revealing a significant degree.

Journal of Experimental Botanyv. The physiological ecology of woody plants. Ayuda de la revista. Ecological strategies of xylem evolution. Separate different tags with a comma. Localization and effects of cadmium in leaves of a cadmium-tolerant willow Salix viminalis L.

Physiologia Plantarumv. Gale Melbourne Library Service. Formation of the photosynthetic apparatus during greening of cadmium-poisoned barley leaves.

Leaf anatomical evaluations in ‘Catuaí’ and ‘Siriema’ coffee seedlings submitted to water stress

Comparative study of two spruce species in a polluted mountainous region. Lookup the document at: Skip to content Skip to search. Photosynthetic Researchv. En la superficie abaxial las celulas oclusivas se mostraron mas estrechas y cortas, lo que evidencio que las hojas de mayor inndice estomatico presentaron estomas mas pequenos. Thus, the results indicate that the exposure time and higher doses of Cd accentuate damages in E. Gale Christian Heritage College.

Morpho-anatomical characterization of root in recurrent selection cycles for flood tolerance of maize Zea mays L.


Effects of cadmium on growth of Helianthus annus seedlings: Kinetics and stoichiometry of fatty acid peroxidation. Comments and reviews What are comments? In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Segundo Stobart et al. This single location in Queensland: Effects of dimethazone FMC on chloroplast development.

Revista de la Facultad de Agronomía, La Plata

The water culture method for growing plants without soil. Cadmium and copper uptake and distribution in Mediterranean tree seedlings. To anatomical study, foliar epidermis was observed to optical microscope Motic light and photographed with a camera attached.

However, additional resources need to be added as well as new scales to increase users range.

Systemic signalling of enviromental cues in Arabidopsis leaves. Determination of frost tolerance in winter wheat and barley at the seedling stage. Tags What are tags? Environmental Pollutionv. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysicsv. The anatomical study was made by diaphanization and staining techniques of the leaf samples. The anatomical characteristics observed on the leaves of the plants under higher arsenic levels showed an increase in stomatal density, stomatal index and spongy parenchyma thickness.

Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiologyv.