arbitrage, fumerie akiirameta. kaisoo fanfic rec – graphics. arbitrage // anterograde tomorrow // what a beautiful mess this is // waxing & waning: two moons. my analysis of Arbitrage, a kaisoo fanfic by fumerie. If anyone has not yet read the monstrosity that is Arbitrage please go and read it NOW. After you have. Title: Arbitrage Author: Fumerie Pairing: Kaisoo (Kai and D.O) Summary: There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo’s life. Track A, trader at an.

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Arbtrage not going to the hospital? In order for Normal Kyungsoo and Prime Kyungsoo to coexist, Normal Kyungsoo lives his life normally till the focal point of the arbktrage, which is the car crash. He probably should be surprised to find Kai sitting in front of his door, grey hoodie pulled over his head, but he isn’t. He can’t see the other driver behind the black-tinted window of the Jaguar, but he could feel eyes boring into him. The whole story is a loop. Kwisoo next scenes where Kyungsoo is driving and meets EXO and goes drag racing and Kai crashes the race is normal Kyungsoo living through the events for the first time, aka Kyungsoo Double.

No problem at all. He’d look better smiling, Kai thinks. He passes by a newspapers stand on his way. It’s raining, and you look like you’ve just gotten out the better side of a car crash.

When Kai again runs into Kyungsoo at the grocery store, the Kyungsoo he meets there is actually Kyungsoo Wildcard, who crashed his ferrari with Kai from the eight-month jump.

Short guy with the orange Eclipse is Yixing. There is no dramatic fire or explosion, just a crushed metal wreckage lying broken and cold on the road in the chilled Seoul morning. But like I said, I just want to articulate absolutely everything.

I need you to understand me on this. Then Lu Han came along and they were this inseparable trio of hell. Make profit out of arbitrages. This theory is more accurately called the many-worlds interpretation. Someone might be waiting for a phone call.


He could see the calculating eyes and upturned curve of a small amused smile, following his own gaze, arms calmly folded over his chest despite being in the centerpoint of a car going out of control in circles. You’ve got the potential, and you’re a arbitraeg, so they don’t know what you’re capable of.

Crashing countries and futures. It’s stopped raining these last few weeks.

[exo] Arbitrage (1/3): fumerie

Investment Banker, what do you do? Money as a measurement of one’s worth.

People pay a high price for cruelty. He saw those eyes staring straight at him through the tinted windows of their cars with metal and glass tearing up the space between them. Kyungsoo himself made the same speculation in the fic. Cars driven by a scorned mistress.

Or like I said at the beginning, Kyungsoo may try to crash again and again after the eight-month period in order to try to save Kai, whereby there would eventually be a never-ending number of Kyungsoos running around Seoul. Well, Kyungsoo wild card is devastated, so Jongdae helps him out and Kyungsoo crashes the Hyundai to get sent back in time to become a fourth Kyungsoo.

Maybe you’re the axe murderer, luring me back to your place with the promise of food and dry towel.

When he looks up, someone is staring at him from the lowered window of a blue Hyundai stopping at the side of the road. In the fatal car crash, Kai was the only one being killed while Kyungsoo survived, therefore deciding to crash another car to travel back in time and prevent the accident from happening. Sehun makes good bait, luring all the obnoxious show-off assholes in the circus into thinking he’s just another pretty rich boy with too much money and free time. He picks up one, glancing over the headlines, and his grip falters when he looks at the top right corner of the paper, just above “Income Tax Rising by 2.


They stretch out on top of it, looking at the sunset reflected on the sky-high glass towers making up the city’s shimmering skyline. Cash, cards, a polaroid hastily shoved in, a stack of receipts. Financial island of glass and steel and flashing green numbers.

He’s second place now, aiming for Lu Han who’s already ahead of him, the screeching sounds of the other cars drifting far behind him. Before he knows it, he’s already pulled into a spinning headlock.

Ice blue z is Minseok. But then there will already be a new Normal Kyungsoo taking his place.

We could say it’s for the adbitrage, but that’s not it either. If you write a biography about him, there’s going to be several blank pages with the little note on top – ‘he dropped off the face of the earth here,’ and then the next page – ‘he resurfaced four months later. It’s Kai behind the steering wheels, smirking at them as he pulls kasoo his giant aviator sunglasses like some kind of picture perfect movie star on his way to pick up a dinner date.

Monochromatic Seoul, never-ending rain. He quickly releases the clutch, feeling the huge surge of power kaissoo throwing him backwards as the rear wheels lose traction and the back end of the car swings out of control, kicking up a dust storm on the track. Baekhyun throws his arms up in exasperation as if to say, “I rest my case. There’s Kris, bitchface king of the track, you’ve already met him.

kaisoo arbitrage

There’s a vacant flat next to his right now, maybe Kyungsoo could take a look. Kai shuffles kaisio behind him, smelling of smoke and early morning rain. Sehun pulls him into a hug.