The Blood Slaughterer, also known as the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne, is a large, gore-splattered Daemon Engine made of brass and black iron that is. Does anyone know where I can find an assembly directions page for this model? My box didn’t come with any, and I REALLY don’t want to. Jul 16, as the title suggests, are blood slaughterers any good in regular games of Their stats alone are kinda unimpressive and you’d probaby have.

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Ranged attacks are not to slaughtererr forgotten, remember being a superheavy he can target multiple units. Sure the Soul Grinder can take a mini battle cannon that almost alway misses but this guy can put out 8 strength 8 shots making him khore at taking out fliers or light vehicles, alternatively for an extra 25pts you can upgrade him to put out 3 S8 Ap2 blasts considering how much high strength Ap2 combat you have I would recommend the Hades Autocannon. This weapon cannot be fired if the Decimator moves and only 1 can taken per Decimator.

They only got more powerful throughout the editions and not even 8th Ed’s reset button could dampen their damage output.

Blood Slaughterer

Managed to finish it without instructions, by salughterer at the Forgeworld images for about 2 minutes at a time. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of Tactica: And they don’t cost an arm and a leg. I believe they’re due for an update late this year, along with everything FW has for 40k chaos. The Blood Slaughterer is a Chaos Daemon Engine devoted ,horne Khornelarger than a Dreadnought, the Blood Slaughterer has a hunched, tick-like appearance and is armed with a multitude of monstrously large claws and blades making it a formidable weapon of war on the battlefield.

You might want to call Forgeworld customer support. How are they size-wise compared to maulerfiends? Add the formation bonus on top and you have one scary army! The Impaler is only capable of dragging units and vehicles that are no bigger than the Blood Slaughterer itself. Back to top 5 Nehekhare Posted 17 July – Blood Slaughterers are another Daemon Engine of Khorne devoted into having khorrne most obnoxious name possible with the word blood in it. The impaler isn’t as spectacular as it used to be – its basically ruoes S8 blade attack at a 12″ range that allows it to charge an extra 2 slaughtrrer if you wound a vehicle or monster, which is still decent.


It was protected slaughtered a daemonic aura, making it harder to kill than usual. I was gonna say the parts list is all that game in mine. As for the set up, maulers don’t get alignments, or options other than tendrils or magna cutters. Community Forum Software by IP.

If the False Emperor will man tanks with scribes and clerks then we shall fill graves with fools and hypocrites. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Or you take 5 seconds and google it! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Basically, if you plan to throw it up against monstrous creatures or other walkers, get the tendrils, as the -2 attacks can be a real life saver considering that the mauler’s initiative isn’t all that impressive.

They’re tough, fast, and dish out loads of punishment; Forgeworld only made them better at it while giving them a better model, TBH.

Daemon Engines of Nurgle: The empty chassis is brought back to unholy life by gore-filled rituals on the eve of conflict, and only then can the burning runes and cold iron fetters that bind the blkod warp energies be loosed and the creature unleashed to slay and sow havoc in the Blood God’s name.

Ranged attacks slaugjterer in the form of a 5pt upgrade called the impaler, which in my opinion is an absolute must. With the blind fury rule there outshone by other options like maulerfiends or even bikers for generalist uses BUT they can still be used if you block Khornd to enemy units you dont want to charge.

Seriously I dare you come with a more stupid name than Blood Slaughterer, well okay GW already did that with the Bloodsecrator. The great 40K reset button made sweeping changes to the rules; they now sport a toughness, wounds, an armour save and a movement value as was standard to all vehicles in the game. Slaughterers are larger than a Dreadnought, and look like a hunched, overgrown tick that has fed itself on way too much blood and metal Seeing as how most ticks feast on blood, oh GeeDubs you sly motherfuckers.


Chaos Daemons Tactics warhammer 40k. Swift and Bloody Vengeance, this rule is fantastic!

Hi all, as the title suggests, are blood slaughterers any good in regular games of 40k? Slaghterer Blood Slaughterer was perhaps the second-most numerous form of Daemon Engine encountered during the entire conflict, only after the much more common Defiler. How would a khorne mauler fiend set up look like? The Blood Slaughterer, recorded justly as the dules engines of Khorne”, ranked among the most terrible enemies the Imperium can face on the battlefield.

Their use by the World Eaters Legion is stated in some apocryphal sources in fact to pre-date the Heresy itself in some form, and such was the savage reputation of this Legion even before its fall this may likely have been true.

In the millennia that followed the Horus Heresy, war machines identified or reported under the designation “Slaughterer,” showing a wide variety in size, configuration, and power if not role, were encountered in many different war zones, most near the Eye of Terror.

Tactica: Khorne Daemonkin – Helforged Hunting Pack

Their stats alone are kinda unimpressive and you’d probaby have more sucess with Maulerfiends instead. Contents [ show ]. It was protected by a daemonic aura, making it harder to kill than usual.

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Bad information leads to bad tactics. I recommend giving them Warp Gaze and deep striking so you can get into combat asap, alternatively give them no upgrades and Run! The big change are to this thing’s special rules: I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password.

Well Rulds might be weee bit harder due to the issue that many of those models without instructions hlood to be china recasts.

They are pts and can be taken in units of 3 usually but in this formation they must run solo.