L-Acoustics MTD P is a great sounding, high class monitor that everyone will 5 x P units from used in a permanent venue with little usage and in. We have for sale a used L-Acoustics P Loudspeaker Package, this is all in good condition and the price shown is for 1 x Package. For Sale: L ACOUSTICS P WEDGES [PRICED PER UNIT – 2 AVAILABLE AT TIME OF LISTING] Viewed times.

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Larger numbers mean higher resistance to current flow. A 3dB difference equates to a doubling of power.

In audio, the range of frequencies a device operates within. Raising sliders boosts the affected frequencies; lowering sliders cuts attenuates the affected frequencies.

An active crossover is powered and divides the line-level audio signal prior to amplification. Hertz or cycles per second.

A Dolby Digital processor found in most new receivers, l-ackustics, and some DVD players can decode this signal back into the 5. Bandwidth can also refer to the transmission capacity of an electronic communications device or system; the speed of data transfer…very important when planning a meeting for the attendees to stay connected.

L-Acoustics MTD 112P new colour Used, Second hand

An unwanted portion of a signal such as hiss, hum, whine, static, or buzzing. An enhanced version of the 5. Coaxial InL-Acoustics introduced the l-acoustcis coaxial loudspeaker enclosure for professional sound reinforcement, bringing studio quality to near-field applications for the first time. The P adds a greater level of creativity and versatility to our l-acoustifs.

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This requires an RF demodulator usually referred to as an AC3-RF demodulator before or in the surround processor to decode the signal.

In video, it’s listed as the contrast ratio. Most include the processing to make the files, and all have the ability to play them back. L-Acoustics P old colour Used, Second hand 1, Headquartered in Marcoussis, just south of Paris, the l-zcoustics has satellite operations in the United States, United and Germany, as well as a global Rental Network of production companies deploying and cross-renting its products.

The self-powered coaxial P Series fulfills the highest audio l-adoustics for a broad range of professional sound reinforcement applications. A Line Array is perfect for medium to large audiences.

L-Acoustics 112P Loudspeaker

The part of a dynamic loudspeaker attached to the voice coil that produces sound. L-Acoustics P new colour Used, Second hand. Like Dolby’s Surround EX, a sixth channel is added.

A small l-acokstics that attaches to clothing, allowing the speaker to have a hands-free presentation. Same as low cut.


A noise-reduction system that increases the level of high frequencies during recording and decreases them during playback. Low-frequency video images depict large objects or images. Nobody agrees on which.

Any undesired change l-acosutics an audio signal between input and the output.

P – L-Acoustics

Often refers to artificially generated surround effects derived from and applied to two-channel sources. It usually has the shape of a cone or dome. The middle of the audio frequency range.

Something that repeats a cycle once each second moves at a rate of 1 Hz. A passive crossover uses no external power and results in insertion loss. An improvement on Dolby B that provides about twice as much noise reduction. Used L-Acoustics L-Acoustics is a French manufacturer of loudspeakers, and signal processing devices for rental and installed sound markets.

L-Acoustics is a French manufacturer of loudspeakers, and signal processing devices for rental and installed sound markets.

NATS can be used to help characterize the setting.