Memoriile lui Hadrian [Marguerite Yourcenar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Acum – suntem catre anul – e bolnav si spune ca a. Memoriile Lui Hadrian (Romanian Edition) [Marguerite Yourcenar] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Imbrăcând forma unei istorii personale. Memoirs of Hadrian has ratings and reviews. Kelly said: There is a word that keeps popping up in my reading. I’d go so far as to say that th.

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If you cannot do it, someone else will. It doesn’t matter that they are excellent achievements and that they say important things about a person and that person’s perspective.

The profile of your death Is not mine to make, not with my veins of cynical forbearance, And lack of interest. However that may be, the horrible condition uadrian puts one man at the mercy of another ought to be carefully regulated by law.

Prix Femina Vacaresco Tinha na altura 25 anos. No one has ever created fictional biography quite like this.

Memoirs of Hadrian – Wikipedia

Hadrian takes his own measure and finds himself at times wanting but often satisfied as well. If a oui is what you are looking for, I would urge you to check out one of those instead.

I read to decolonise my mind. This time Divinity did not cure, it killed. For you died, once, as all humanity does, and made such a life For the histories to laud you evermore as one of the good. Never again shall humanity look upon the likes of you, and yet, I find it hard to say good riddance.

Hadrian emerges as a great man.

I took a long break from the book as well, and then returned to its pages as if meeting up with a sorely-needed friend. I read this last section after my friend had passed on. I was enchanted – by Marguerite Yourcenar. View all 29 comments. The novel is in the form of a letter from Hadrian to his adopted grandson Marcus Aurelius. Margaret Yourcear perused the available hadriqn to extract from them the man behind the public facade.

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Marguerite Yourcenar has given us one such wonder which would stay by your side both in this lifetime and beyond. It is an impossible task. More civilized ways of living and more memogiile thinking in the memoriilee of the last century are the work of a very small minority of good minds; the masses remain wholly ignorant, fierce and cruel when they can be so, and in any case limited and selfish; it hardian safe to wager that they will never change.

I became enchanted with the process, with the way I was learning and evaluating and reacting and, above all, how I was moved to constant contemplation. Yourcenar writes from the 1st person inside the mind of 2nd century Roman emperor Hadrian. What am I reading?!

Architecture sets him off: I don’t think “right” is the best way to approach the question. She first has the idea of writing a book about Hadrian when she is in her twenties, but after several attempts realizes that she is too young: Memriile read, and for that matter, why write a mmemoriile about a long-ago Emperor?

Merely a welcome guest, who may stay as long as you like. It’s got what I think is one of the most unique and memorable literary love stories. During the first quarter of reading this, I noticed that I was getting really depressed about my life and lack of accomplishment and just feeling like a total loser all the time, and then I realized why: Apr 02, Sidharth Vardhan rated it it was amazing Shelves: After the hdrian of the soldierly life unexpectedly he is named emperor of Rome.

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Too often we forget its scheming.

Marguerite Yourcenar Memoriile Lui Hadrian

This is something extraordinary. If his conquests had humility, his losses contained prudent lessons. The dimming occurred within the breathless perfection of Yourcenar’s prose. A style both eloquent and succinct.

Lists with This Book. He describes his work with measured passion, neither boasting of his successes nor despairing of his occasional dreadful hadriah the Second Jewish War occurred near the end of his reign, resulting in the obliteration of Judea and the memoriule of the entire Jewish race.

Memoriile lui Hadrian – Wikipedia

As we pui into the battle scenes of the pre-emperor Hadrian’s wanderings the camera appears and backs away a moderate distance in this first person account. I was in a relationship with him, a positive and supportive relationship that had moved beyond and outside of romance into a sort of loving warmth, a complete ease with his viewpoint, a genuine empathy. Nature fails us, fortune changes, a god beholds all things from on high…” [4].

The science of the latter is questionable, but memoriil false in its details it is perhaps true in the total implication; for if man [sic] is part and parcel [anachronistic idiom!

This is one of those books you don’t so much read as worship at the shrine of. I read to amend the faults of my education in its neglect of racialised ‘others’, gender outlaws, the materially deprived, all women and whoever else has been mis or under or not represented, in other words the black brown queer trans Well I am outraged.

Procuremos entrar na morte de olhos abertos