Crane Specification search result for manufacturer: Potain and model: MDT For more information on our Potain MDT cranes please feel free to contact us today. We offer both new and used cranes as well as rentals. Potain MDT EN CD Top Tracing II. Fleet. kVA. -. +. Power. Control m. H m. 50 m. 45 m. 40 m. 35 m. 30 m. 25 m. 6,7 t. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1 . 2.

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It is hard to distinguish the model from the real machine.

TWH Potain MDT Cranes Etc Review

The hook is also metal and accurately represents that of the real machine. For the experienced collector this means that a compromise has been made in that the crane is not fully flexible in how it can be configured or split down as transport loads. The detailing continues into the tube mast section with a ladder and wiring visible internally. On the rear platform the Potain name is perfectly rendered in metal.

Each weight has a couple of lifting eyes modelled. The intermediate platforms are of fine mesh and there are even pin holders to hold the mast pins for joining the sections together. If you have the space, tower crane erection can be posed.

Price As a fully fledged tower crane the model is large and this combined with the high level detail means that the cost is a significant investment for the average collector.

Potain Top-slewing cranes

Footnotes The model was displayed at the Bauma Equipment Exhibition in February as a pre-production prototype. Here the hook is rigged with two falls of rope. In May a version in Arcomet colours orange and blue was announced in a run of The counter jib also does not have the ability to fold for transport like the original. A further accessory is provided with the model and this is a concrete bucket which provides interest as a load for the crane.

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The model is easy to assemble out of the box ptain requires no reeving. A large concrete bucket comes with the 17. An outer plain cardboard box encloses an inner picture box which has picture of the model occupying its entire length. Above the tube mast the structure concludes with a derrick and the model includes the auxiliary winch which is an option on the real crane.

Various pulleys are present for either the hoist or trolley wire.

Potain MDT H8 | Construction de l’immeuble Oméga sur le … | Flickr

At the mft the counterweights are copies of the arrangement on the real crane and are textured to represent concrete. It includes a short piece of ladder which provides access to the mast even though ptoain becomes largely obscured by the ballast blocks provided and this indicates the level of attention to detail throughout the model.

The mast sections are excellent including detailed lattice work, and mvt points for a climbing frame. Strangely the ‘A’ sections at the top of the crane miss out a horizontal member, but on one side only. The separate sections are joined by screws on the underside but surprisingly rivets are used for the top connections which means the sections are not easily split.

The paintwork and lettering are to the standard of the rest of the model and the review model had no defects in this regard.

There are also two excellent slewing motors. They are textured to resemble concrete and two have the Potain insignia. It would have been better if each counterweight was supported separately on the counter jib such that a part loaded configuration was possible along with a shorter main jib.


The mast height can be set at any combination up to the maximum of 13 sections that are supplied. The only detail missing on the mast is a capacity board which is a pity as this would have looked good in this scale. Exceptional detailing continues through into the tube of the cab mast with a ladder and a cabling. The base is fixed onto a substantial plinth with heavy blocks as ballast.

To help get the mast precisely vertical the pads on the cross-shaped base are adjustable. At the top of the mast is a reducer section which reduces the mast from a scaled 2m square to 1. There is a short section of ladder which is fitted to provide access to the cab mast.

The skilled collector will be able to carefully drill pptain the rivets and replace with small screws and nuts in order to vary potsin jib length, or to display pieces as transport loads. The addition of a separately available climbing frame will enhance it further.

Much of the model can be split down for transport like the real crane although this requires some adjustment to the model in terms of the rivets on the main jib mentioned earlier.

There are two opening doors one of which is an equipment cupboard and includes electrical wiring. Mast sections are excellent with no plastic at all. Icing on the cake here would have been the addition of pootain model anemometer for measuring wind speeds.

Ladders have safety cages.