12 Apr Is that Rehraas Sahib incomplete? If a longer version of Rehraas with extra Shabads is “sampuran” (complete), then does that imply that Guru. 21 Oct Taksal Rehraas Sahib In Pdf Format PDF format files for Taksali rehat maryada Nitnem especially Rehraas Sahib. Sampuran Rehiras. 21 Jan Stream 07 Sampuran Rehraas Sahib Ji by Dharam Seva Records from desktop or your mobile device.

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The more bani we read the more beneficial. Sachkhand Hazoor sahib is one of takth sahiban. In my opinion it doesnt matter. The five Bani of the morning time Japji, Jaap, Savaiye, Choupi, Anand are banis which are unanimously recognised and read by all in the Panth. Asmpooran morning Nitnem is only the follwing:.

I sammpooran not accusing Baba Ji as they have obvioulsy already shared what they know, but the next step is for them to share the evidence But when a rehet is mentioned in old rehetnamas and there is doubt in the panth about that certain issue then I think that ones Bibek Buddhi should be used to determine what is right and what is right should not go against Gubani’s teachings, rehrxs only Gurbani is right while our Buddhi can be flawed no matter how Sianaa we may think we are.

Who ever has the democratic majority gets his way. Personally I read the Hazoor Sahib rehras Sahib because it is the longest one available to me. Compared to other Dharms around the world we have more in common amongst each other as Sikhs.

When a rehet is not mentioned in old Rehet namas, but is unanimously practiced by all, then logically tradition should be followed here.

If anyone has them on their computers, please share. It adds energy to both the body and the mind allowing one to conclude their day, giving thanks to the Almighty for the completion of another successful day.


Vaheguroo jee ka khalsa Vaheguroo jee kee fateh. You can download more pdf files on http: Tarli Digitals musical touches add beautiful mediational Natural sounds into the ambience for those who wish to meditate, listen and Do the Banis. And there really is no way to prevent such peopel from voting, given the state of corruption that seeems to exist.

Rehras Sahib – Sampooran

Not all Matheen Jee. Is that Rehraas Sahib incomplete? Guru Granth Sahib 10 to Do Nirmale have their own Gutke? Most rehitnamas only mention Japji and Jaap. There were 19 banis in this gutka sahib and rehras sahib was sampuran. Later on the smritis etc totally spoiled everything. Sign in Already have an account?

Posted October 23, Nanaksar is relatively new. At the end of the day, Bani is Bani, and the more we read the better. Sign In Sign Up. Are we the best religion?

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The Hazoori Rehras Sahib has been unchanged for as long as they can remember in their traditions and all Dakhani Sikhs read that one rather than the Taksali one. It’s very simple concept that is still used when you learn sikhi through mahapursh, that avoids all the conflicts of my samparda’s maryada is right and others are wrong.

Mail will not be published required. Posted September 5, But the problem is Varna in hindu as is wahib by hindu masses is birth-bases whereas vedas say it is by one’s nature and one’s karam.

If one wants to read more bani, then fine that is only good, but i dont think people should say that Nitnem consists of 5 banis when there are no scriptural evidence to suggest this. So which one is Sampooran?


07 Sampuran Rehraas Sahib Ji by Dharam Seva Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Already have an account? A part of Sampoiran sahib is also read in Rehraas, yet the Akal Thakt maryada has not cut japji sahib from the morning nitnem? That’s also a very good point you got there Amardeep Singh Jee. The addition was later ratified by the supreme Sikh religious body – the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee.

If fools who are swayed in such a way are allowed to vote I doubt that they would rehrxs for Sikhi. Well, what do you think of this?

Each section of the prayer casts light on another aspect smpooran God. Posted September 6, All the mahapursh in the past have encourage students never to criticize tatkh sahiban maryada and always do satkar of them despite of differences in samparda maryada.

Theres no truth about it. Some nefarious people got their way. Become a SikhNet Sponsor. But over time like during the Misl period Singhs would like to read more and more Bani, so they would add Shabads to their Rehras Sahib. He will be bringing pictures of this gutka sahib and other sri guru gobind singh ji relics if baba ji gives him agya to do this but for time being, just listen to the audio file below: However we should also work for more uniformity in the Panth, and less reasons for divisions an controversy.

Amongst Sikhs of various groups, we are not that different.