View Sa’d al-Din al-Taftazani Research Papers on for free. A Commentary on the Creed of Islam: Sa’d al-Din al-Taftazani on the Creed of Najm al-Din al-Nasafi. Translated with introduction and notes by Earl Edgar Elder . 2 Dec A Commentary on the Creed of Islam Sad al-Din al-Taftazani on the Creed of Najm al-Din al-Nasafi – Teftazani.

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LinguisticsTheologyIslamic jurisprudenceRhetoricLogic. Barron’s Educational Series, p.

He sincerely practiced Islam, and practiced and preached in the Hanafi and Maturidi schools. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Taftazani, Sad al-Din Masud ibn Umar ibn Abd Allah al-

A Commentary on the Creed of Islam: He was of the Hanafi school in matters of Fiqh Islamic jurisprudence and a Maturidi with regard to issues of Aqidah Islamic creed. Wazarat al-Thaqafah wa al-Irshad al-Qawmi.

taftazai He mainly resided in Sarakhs. Asharis Maturidis Hanafis Shafi’is Mujaddid 14th-century Muslim scholars of Islam Muslim theologians Persian literature Aristotelian philosophers Persian philosophers Persian Sunni Muslim scholars of Islam Medieval Persian writers 14th-century writers 14th-century Iranian people Medieval philosophers births deaths.

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Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani famously remarked about him that “science ended with him in the East” and “no one could ever replace him”.

Taftazani – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 1 Juneat Views Read Edit View history. One of the most curious aspects of the Tawarikh i-Baghdadiya are the repeated references to the great Persian theologian Sa’d al-Din Taftazaniwho did in fact associate with Timur. He was active during the reign of Timurwho noticed him as a promising scientist and supported his scholarship, and was part of his court. Muhammad Hayyat ibn Ibrahim al-Sindhi. Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad.

Abdullah”, in Encyclopedia Islam by W. Some of them are on kalam speculative theology and the foundations of fiqh and rhetoric, which show that he had a profound tfatazani of these sciences.

Summary of Disagreements Between at-Taftazani and al-Jurrujani

State University of New York Press. Retrieved from ” https: Essentials of World History. From Yaftazani, the free encyclopedia.

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Their contents demonstrate that he was well versed in the philosophical sciences and far advanced in the rest of the sciences which deal with Reason. During his lifetime, he wrote treaties on grammar, rhetoric, theology, logic, law and Quran exegesis.

Al-Taftazani made contributions to theologyIslamic jurisprudencelinguisticsrhetoriclogic and literature. Ibn Khaldunwho is considered by some to be the father of the social sciences [14] for anticipating tattazani elements of these disciplines centuries before they were founded in the West, said of him: I found in Egypt numerous works on the intellectual sciences composed by the well-known person Sa’d al-Din al-Taftazani, a native of Heratone of the villages of Khurasan.