Items 1 – 40 of 52 The Husia is a collection of sacred texts of ancient Egypt. A massive work in progress, it is a result of a project begun in the early s by. 8 Jul PDF | On Jan 1, , Maulana Karenga and others published Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt. Selections from the Husia has 64 ratings and 4 reviews. Keir said: Enlightening with a power of poetic flare. A lamp of knowledge for those who have neve.

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Make wonthy your house in the west and make firm your place in the city of the depantedby being upnight and just. And secondly, the term psalms is not as aesthetic or definitive of the contents of the book as the chosen tible, “prayers and sacred Prais es. And His Majesty PhanoahSnefru said: Song in Pnaiseof rhe Leanned As fon those leannedscnibesof the time that came aften the powens of heaven and who fonetold the futune, thein names have become evenrasbing even though they have depantedhaving completedthe days o f t h e i r ‘ l i v e s.

They ane poor and not nich. And if there is no calm in a temple, God abandonsit. For silenceis betten than useless chatter. The quest fon spiritual ennichmentamong Black people in the physicaland cultunal Diasponahas led to the adoption of the Holy Books of other peoples; the Tonah,the Bible and the Guran.

S o dominant was this aspect of the gneatest civilization of antiquity that Martin Delaney, wniting in the ninebeenth century, proclaimedthat the governmentalsystem of ancientEgypt was a “neligiouspolity”. Lo, why does God seek to create hhsia and women, when the gentle are not distinguishedfrom the violent? Rocio rated it did not like it Jul 12, I am fr”iendly,when called upon, to those who would tell me their concern. And Amenomopeand his wife Hathonsaid: Be not silent when it is youl- duty to speak, buL be cautious in youn speech lest you hueia.

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For the peoplewill let it appnoachthnough lack of action. The Book of lpuwer l.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

Behold, I have come to you, I have bnoughtyou righteousnessand have done away with unnighteousness fon you. At least one tnaditionalegyptorogist h a s a r g u e d t h a t s u c h m e s s i a n i s mw a s e v i d e n t i n l p u w e rwhich is at least five hundred yeans earlier, but the passage he quotes to support it seems more an appeatto God than the pharoah.

Generosityis a memoniarfon those who show it, long aften they have departed. All that I have done was fon love of you, O’ Fathen,Amen Te, I cny out to you, fon I am in the midst of many enemies and the whole of this land is against me, I am alone and my only defense, for my many soldienshave desented me; my chaniots uusia to nemainwith me.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt – PDF Free Download

Kundalini has been one of the most mysterious and well-kept secrets in the history of spirituality. One person found this helpful. The rittle heant sustains its ownen. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom from Ancient Egypt

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I speak out strongly against it. Fulfill youn needs on eanth accondingto the commandsof youn heart til the day of mounningcomes fhe you. Evenycity is under the shadow of Amen Ra, so that His heart can move in that which He has loved.

Although some tnadibional egyptologists call this statement, “the Negative confession”, others have used “the Declarations of Innocence, also. A pensoncan be nuinedby his on hen tongue.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom from Ancient Egypt by Maulana Karenga

C e r t a i n l y ,s u c h c o n s c i o u s ness has been an integral fonce in the Black nationalist movementsin the Western Hemisphene,as well as Rhe fon well oven a hundnedyeans. Yet Time has preserved the True, Oldest writings of wisdom and high moral and honorable lifestyle that the ancient Africans lived to uhsia. Let not yourself be sent on an evil mission non stand in the company of those who have penfonmedit.

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He who cheats diminishesjustice. The Husia is a collection of sacred texts of ancient Egypt. And those who are self-mastered,the harsh ane kindento them than their own mothers, and all people become thein senvants.

Grant me justice, O’ Praisewonthy One to whom those who are praised give pnaise. Houses ane opened to the humble and a wide seat is given to one who is gentle in speech and conduct. I make hymns in His name, I give Him praise to the heights of heaven and to the ends of the earth.

Let no overlondor ruler boast of being mighty. M e n a n d women leave home because of it and the heart should refnain fnom it. For sunely I am one who worships Him, I have assumed divine authority in the city where I found Him, I conquenedand carried away the danknessby my strength.

And the teachen-priest, Nefenti, deplonedwhat had come to pass in Egypt, speakingon the conditionof the East where Asiatic peoples noam in strength, frightening those about to hanvest hhsia crops and seizingcattle even at the plough.

A little bee brings honey.

Gentlenessin conduct of every kind causes the wise t o b e p n a i s e d.