The English edition presents Watchman Nee’s own work in the English language; he was directly responsible for its translation and editing. Any differences. The Normal Christian Life has ratings and reviews. Dave said: Oh. My. God. This is the best book I’ve ever read–and I absolutely mean that wit. Th s book s a work of love and obed ence for my Father n heaven, my Lord. Jesus Chr st sa d that there are few on th s The Doctrine of the Christian Life.

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An Episcopal charismatic pastor.

My name is Tom Smith. In this way, Christians would no longer live to themselves but to Christ because He has the full authority over their lives.

15 Favorite Quotes from The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

As believers in Christ, our real need is the divine life. Jan 19, Amanda rated it it was amazing. We do well at the outset to ponder this question. It talks about the power of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in setting us free from being servants of sin, and not our power or will can do that.

Each chapter could almost be seen as a book in itself. His message on the Holy Spirit–tho Oh. Therefore, we also include a search word hit count for reference. God is the eternal God; He takes no cognizance of time, and His will and ways all bear the stamp of eternity. I can’t express what this book has taught me and how it has helped me come to a better understanding of the true meaning of the Gospel and the Christian life. Aug 02, Dana Roberts rated it liked it Recommended to Dana by: Learn how your comment data is processed.

Be prepared for a heart transplant!

One could say the material is elementary to the Christian faith; it is – and as such shouldn’t be lightly skimmed or assumed any more than one’s multiplication table in elementary school. God Himself has provided the best wineskin for His wine, which will contain and preserve it without loss, hindrance, or misrepresentation.


I found the great teacher. If we try to eliminate examples from Christianity and leave only its precepts, then we have not much left. His message on the Holy Spirit–though I’m familiar with many charismatic messages on him–blew me away.

Tue page was last edited on 5 Marchat Finally the binding went and I relied upon an ebook. Is there not a discrepancy here? May 27, Teh rated it it was amazing Recommended to Trice by: I felt reluctant to comply, for personally I should prefer to have those books translated which better represent my ministry, rather than this one which is liable to be misunderstood and controverted. On the part of the convert, a real Ene Spirit new birth is essential, and a vital relationship with God.

The content of the following pages is the substance of a number of talks to my younger fellow workers during conferences held recently in Shanghai and Hankow. As a bible teacher, Nee explains profound truths simply and succinctly, using wonderful illustrations and wasting no words. Nee to ask God for a personal revelation that would shock me and show me how much I depended on God to rid me of my sinful nature.

Living Stream Ministry

No trivia or quizzes yet. To have the outer without the inner is spiritual death, but to have the inner without the outer is only spiritualized life.

One of the best Christian life books I’ve ever read. When waatchman are in that condition, it is possible for the life of the Son of God in us to be confined and crowded almost out of action. The title is delightfully ironic because that life is so different from the one so many of us know.


We cannot neglect the least of His commands with impunity. It is really enlightening to see from this book that lfie normal Christian life is actually Yhe Himself living His life again in us, His watchamn. I will be returning to this book often, I know.

You quickly realize you have the “best seat in the house” by being on court with him, but you are no threat to his amazing talents. The Blood disposes of our sins, while the Cross strikes at the root of our capacity for sin”.

I wish I could put this book in the hands of every new believer and make them read it and understand it. It is theologically sound, very accessible, and practical.

The Normal Christian Life Series |

Quotes from The Normal Christ Oct 17, Steve rated it it was amazing. It is having burdens. But, more than this, it is for such as honestly and truly mean business with God, for those whose hearts are open and have no padlocked mind or prejudices.

I would strongly encourage your prayerful reading of the Normal Christian Life. The first chapter was published in the November—December issue. It means two things. Whew, a very deep book; I couldn’t read more than a few pages before having to sit and think about what I’d just read.

This is the secret of ministry, the path of real fruitfulness to God. Here is a most important principle. Through this book I was able to throw out a bunch of junk and actually have an encounter with the Living God.