Das Thomas-Evangelium ist eine Sammlung von Jesus-Worten und einer der wichtigsten außerbiblischen Texte der frühen Christen. Diese Ausgabe verbindet . This scholarly edition of the Gospel According to Thomas is taken from the Appendix of the Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum, ed. by Kurt Aland. For the first time. image of Makarius, das Thomasevangelium und das Lied von der Perle. Author: G. Quispel; Subjects: Biblical Studies; Publication Year: ; Book DOI.

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Brill Online Books and Journals. With Letters of Light Arbel and Orlov, eds. Gnosticism and the transpower of the book.

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Makarius, das Thomasevangelium und das Lied von der Perle » Brill Online

David Halperin has just published a novel. Kindle Edition of Holy Misogyny. Enter your email address: Gnostic Thomasevanfelium Age is Published! A Book Review of Holy Misogyny.


Das Thomasevangelium: Originaltext mit Kommentar

Novum Testamentum Supplements Online Volume: Feature on my book in Rice News. The Greatest Mirror by Andrei Orlov.

Gnostic Cinema in Modern America. Either the author didn’t receive the proof, or has been on vacation, or has been ill.

The Codex Judas Papers. This morning a surprise book came in the mail to me. Tyomasevangelium was Paul really? Spaying the Mother God. New book on Slavonic Pseudepigrapha.

Das Thomasevangelium

Gnostic New Age Receives Award. As I read it over I am disappointed with the amount of printing errors including the loss of some indentations at the beginning of a few paragraphs.

Esotericism and the Academy Wouter J.

A new Coptic thomasebangelium by Johanna Brankaer. Affiliated with the North American Patristics Society since I remember turning in my paper to the conference organizers, but never received proofs for any volume nor information to expect its publication. Holy Misogyny is out! A first review of Holy Misogyny. My Debut in BAR.


We should never assume that authors receive things we sent electronically, especially since university systems have tough SPAM filters, and servers go down.

I’m a member of the publication’s editorial board.

Makarius, das Thomasevangelium und das Lied von der Perle — Recommend this title to your library. It has always been my experience as a book editor and I have edited many that if I don’t hear back from an author with corrections, something is wrong. Call for papers in mysticism, esotericism and gnosticism in antiquity. The Apocryphal Gospels Ehrman and Plese.

The Gnostic New Age to be featured at author event. Walter de Gruyter, Mellon Seminar Reflection