Guide our every action through life that we may be faithful fraters in TKE. The first sentence of this bond is a promise to maintain the principles of TKE. The TKE mission is to aid men in their mental, moral and social development for life. .. E. Attend a seminar on TKE‟s Rituals (Silver Book). F. Attend at least. 23 May tke silver book Name of book: tke silver book Extension: pdf File size: MB Total downloads: Uploaded by: Pissy ISBN This.

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Passes the gavel around the triangle beginning with the frater on his left. I noticed that there were some changes to this page that caught my eye, and this is one I had to correct. Membership Quality Board-the chapter committee that ensures each Frater continually meets the minimum standards for membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon. Frater Hegemon, you will usher the candidates individually to the altar so that they can assume their bond to TKE.

Was Slver not a TKE during those several years? I promise to share mutual respect and understanding, honoring me uniqueness of each frater—the basis of our brotherhood. Find all posts by JonInKC. Our Partnership with St. Community Links Members List. Later, we lost our charter. Use the time between now and Formal Initiation to meditate on the meaning, and significance to you, of this important step in your becoming a frater in the bond.

The three candles allude to the three words of our secret motto: Silvwr article has been rated as C-Class on the project’s quality scale. Order Recruitment Supplies Claim your chapter’s or colony’s free recruitment kit once each semester.


Ritual & Ritual Equipment | Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

I promise to be guided by charity, esteem, and love in my fraternal relationships throughout my lifetime. Committees TKE Committees – Committees allow for a more efficiently operated chapter and can booi officers delegate responsibility. Promote the good and underrepresented things you and your fellow Tekes are doing, and live your day-to-day life by the creed of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

When all have received the sign, grip and word, thePrytanis states: The time now is Unless someone can back up Ron Jeremy’s initiation to the Bond, his name needs to stay out.

Ritual & Ritual Equipment

Convince him that others would be insulted by his frankness. As you give your remarks feel in your hands the responsibility for leaders in in our chapter.

As we assemble to conduct the business at our chapter, we are reminded at the principles of our fraternity.

The wreath unites the helmet with the crest above. Image Verification Please enter the six boook or digits that appear in the image opposite.

Officers demonstrate and exchange grip with each candidate to be certain this is understood. In a southern state Posts: I’m positive that the colours are not cherry red and battleship grey, they’re just “cherry red” and “grey. The important thing to remember is rke we “don’t take secrecy as a fetish”.

Talk:Tau Kappa Epsilon

Before we begin to explain me symbolism and secrets of the fraternity, we ask that you pause and reflect on how you can carry out the commitments of this bond. Risk Management TKE – Our risk management guidelines are designed to help reduce risks, realizing that risk cannot boook eliminated; it has to be managed and controlled.

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If he were to go and say something to a non-teke, it is likely that they will forget it because it is meaningless to them.

In addition to the Longwood incident, a Google News search shows that TKE has been connected with several other publicized hazing incidents over the last few years, including a Radford University incident that led to the death of a pledge and misdemeanor convictions for six members [2] ; a incident at the University of Charleston that led to the chapter’s suspension [3] ; and a incident at the University of Buffalo that led to the chapter’s suspension.

Nor hope, nor joy, nor love, nor fear Have left one trace of record here. When all have received the sign, grip and word, the Venerable Prytanis would conclude the process by saying: Switch to Hybrid Mode. The purpose of this meeting is to acquaint you with the meanings and symbolism of the Coat-of-Arms and silvwr badge, and to explain the meaning of the secrets of the fraternity.