BetrSichV (DE) | ASR A (DE) | TRBS (DE) | NFP (FR). NFP (FR) | NASC TG (UK). Width class. W09 (0,9m ≤ w < 1,2m). Floor gap. Document numberTRBS Teil 3, Edition , Title Technische Regeln für Betriebssicherheit - Gefährdungen von Personen durch Absturz. Work safety tested according to EU standard DIN EN , BetrSichV (German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health), TRBS , BGI , and current.

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The main objective of the technical rules is to concretise the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health with regards to tbrs investigation and assessment of risks as well as the use of their results to devise appropriate measures. You can write to us at zarges zarges. The appropriate ladder length, height of the first tread, type, material, stability and accessories have to be chosen according to the application workplace or traffic route.

ZARGES tip: Risk assessment – ZARGES GmbH

In order to minimise risks as much as possible, the following must be considered: Are they appropriate for their purposes? Make sure that defective ladders and step stools are not used instruction remove defective ladders from use, ttrbs store them in such a way that makes it impossible for them to be used until they trbw properly repaired or scrapped measures include storing them separately, chaining them together, and adding prominent markings or labels.

A person must be tasked with the regular inspection of ladders and step stools to ensure that they are in proper condition visual and functional inspection. You already have the maximum number of data in the comparison list.

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An overview of the topics covered in the TRBS: Before assigning a task, make sure that the access device ladder or step and accessories in question are appropriate for the task to be performed. Always set up ladders and step stools in a secure position When necessary, use securing measures to prevent ladders falling over Ladders used on roads or at roadsides must be clearly indicated and signed to prevent people accidentally knocking them over Provide annual training on the proper use of the equipment.

Systematic inspection of ladders and step stools can be performed with the help of a checklist see DGUV Informationfor example.

This site uses cookies. Do you have enough ladders and step stools? If such instructions are tbs available, they are to be obtained e.

Günzburger Steigtechnik Aluminum multipurpose ladder, 3 pcs., 10.6

By using the measures provided as examples, an employer can prove that it has complied with the regulations set out in the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. In addition, the Technical Rules for Workplace Safety TRBS should be taken into account to make the assessment as transparent and comprehensive as possible.

You already have the maximum number of data in the watchlist. You should also take note of the manufacturer’s information regarding inspection.

Prohibit and prevent the use of inappropriate access devices using suitable measures. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. In an operational risk assessment of ladders and step stools in accordance with Sections 5 and 6 of the German Occupational Safety and Health Act in conjunction with Section 3 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, risk should be minimised by choosing and providing the most appropriate access equipment and aids, and by using them properly.


Users must be able to understand how to use a portable ladder properly by looking at the instructions in the form of pictographs affixed on the ladder.

An overview of the topics covered in the TRBS:. The ladder is not stable. Here are a few things to take trbw Here are a few things to take note:.

Risk assessment of ladders, step stools and scaffolding. Area of application Definitions Risk assessment Measures Provision Use General Using a ladder to access elevated work sites where work is carried out occasionally Using a ladder as an elevated work site Observance of safe-use practices during operations Inspection. Access equipment should not be kept rrbs a location far away from its place of use, such that it first has to be retrieved before use foreseeable risk that personnel would rather use inappropriate access devices.

Ladders may only be used when: If an employer chooses another solution, it is required to provide written proof that it has equally complied with the ordinance.

ZARGES tip: Risk assessment

Workers have to be provided with ladders and step stools of the required type and size and in the necessary quantity. Generally, you should at least consider the following aspects in your risk assessment: Use ladders and step stools only for purposes that are appropriate for their design, variant trbz size.

The quantity depends on the spatial situation at the work site: